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Greetings, adventurers!

Another day, another digest… or is it? In the last newsletter, I outlined my new goal to emphasize MUD Coders Guild member created content over everything else; and the community delivered big time. This newsletter is the very first one featuring only member-created content. From open source projects to tutorials to their own updates, every link has been crafted by and for The MUD Coders Guild.

But, even though the newsletter has a new member-focused directive, it didn’t feel right to ignore all of the other great content being shared by the guild. So moving forward, all newsletters will be paired with an Issue Overflow, containing all of the non-member links and resources we have found interesting and valuable since our last issue.

As always, if you have something you’d like to share with the community, please join us on Slack and shoot me a DM or post a message to the #newsletter channel. I love seeing what our community members can do!

- Zach

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Issue Overflow: M-x dunnet

Whelp. They’ve done it. The members of The MUD Coders Guild have broken email. For those of you who subscribe to The MUD Coders Guild Newsletter, you may know just how full they get. In fact, the…

Fill at Will

Normally this would be a place where I talk about design—and in a way this will be—but in many other ways it won’t. I’d like to go through a concept that makes its way into a lot of Intellectual…

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Waterdeep Hardcore PK and 21st Birthday

Waterdeep’s 21st Birthday is on August 19th! This year they have taken a trip back towards their roots in PK, added a new area, and a Hero run is available—among other improvements. Join them on Sunday August 19th in welcoming back PK loot and another great year on Waterdeep.

Mudlet 3.11 – quality improvements all around + autosave!

Mudlet, the most popular MUD client currently in active development, has dropped yet another awesome release!

Myelin Skills Update!

A entry from our Enter the MUD Game Jam, Myelin is still in active development with more than 10 new skills and more features on the way! I am personally proud of the work they have done, and can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

ExVenture Updates for July 2018

Eric Oestrich’s monthly update for ExVenture. Admittedly a little more sparse than usual, but that’s because he’s been kicking ass on Gossip, a new MUD chat network that everyone should install.

> open source


Community-authored cookbook for MUD programming. I am incredibly excited about this effort, and plan to contribute in the coming weeks.


A Ranvier bundle for Gossip.


A Ruby hosted scripting language, designed to add a scripting component on top or Ruby applications.


Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs.


A modern MUD engine written in Rust with embedded Lua scripting for game logic.


Harvestdew Starmoon Valley MUD.

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Gossip - MUD Chat Network

Quick update on Gossip… There are now 5 games connected to the network!

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Lucid MUD Engine

Documentation for the Lucid MUD Engine. I think this may be the first set of documentation we’ve seen come out of the guild (at least with this much effort behind it) and I for one couldn’t be more excited. Those of you who know me know that documentation is a huge initiative of mine in nearly every project I work on.

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Elixir Cowboy Websocket Handler

For Eric Oestrich’s side project Gossip, he wanted to have a websocket connection for non-Phoenix connections. He did this by going straight to Cowboy and using a handler at that level. This explains how he did this for Gossip.

Elixir OTP Supervision Tether

In development of Gossip, Eric Oestrich tried out a new OTP Supervision tree pattern in ExVenture called tether. This is a quick writeup on how he accomplished it.

Leverage Redux State Selectors

The biggest aspect of working with Redux is the structure of your state. It can make or break an application. An overly complex and highly duplicated state can end up slowing down/bogging down your application. Not necessarily in noticeable runtime decreases but a decrease in the speed at which you can find and fix bugs or add new features.

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REST Fest Midwest 2018 / Eric Oestrich / Let your app crash

A great talk by Eric Oestrich (obviously the largest contributing member to our newsletter) for REST Fest Midwest 2018. I’ll be honest, there is nothing cooler than seeing a MUD in a conference talk!

Inserting Quality Into Every Step of Deployment

I recently participated in a panel discussion on continuous testing, representing the “developer” side of Shift Left and Shift Right testing. I won’t claim to be as coherent as Eric, but it turned out much better than I had expected!

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‘If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable, what then?’ — George Orwell, '1984’

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