Issue 0x08 - 2000 & l8

Greetings, adventurers!

So… I missed an issue. For those of you who look forward to these letters, you have my deepest apologies :-(

It’s been a hell of a past few months, but rest assured things are getting back to normal around here and I am more driven than ever to keep growing this amazing community we’ve built! While this particular issue has to make up for the missed game jam announcements, I will also be changing up the format a little bit.

The past few issues were far too large, and I received some comments about email clients truncating them, so to mitigate this problem I’ve decided to put a much bigger emphasis on the content that is created by the members of The MUD Coders Guild, rather than just the content that is shared by them.

As always, if you have something you’d like to share with the community, please join us on Slack and shoot me a DM or post a message to the #newsletter channel. I love seeing what our community members can do!

- Zach

> notes

The Ring is the Thing

For the benefit of anyone born after the 80s the sharing economy of the internet was more of a lemonade stand and early on the only real way to promote your web presence was cross-promotion. You’d…

Gossip: The MUD Chat Network

Gossip is a new cross game chat network, located at This is a new network using WebSockets as the underlying protocol. Gossip is written in Elixir and MIT licensed, the source code is on…

Our First Game Jam: A Retrospective

Fresh off the heels of the first annual MUD Coders Guild Game Jam and nobody lost an eye! Since this was not only the first TMCG game jam, but also my own personal first game jam, I thought it…

Casting a Seine ep1: Progression Systems

A new series. While the “well” is more about a deep dive into my own design work and the “help files” is about identifying a specific design and its flaws and what could have been done differently…

Kick out the Jams: ep2

Let’s not call it a comeback. We’re well into week 3 but that title up there says this is episode 2. Really this is episodes 2 and 3. I know it’s a bit confusing but let’s move on. Week 2 was a dead…

Kick out the Jams: ep1

Ok so technically the MUD Coders game jam has been going on for 8 days but it’s been pretty busy here in the midwest for me so I’ve been a bit quiet. This is going to be more of a personal devblog…

> leaderboard

Mythari Park by prettysmart, Nanaimo Labs

A shape-shifting creature with a shape-shifting adventure every time! Enter a mythical theme park and ride the Chimera!

Myelin: Escape the Spire by anoddhue

A procedurally generated mazelike MUD set in a science fantasy hellscape.

MUD_Adventure by CorporateDoge, JackOatley

A multi user dungeon game by CorporateDoge and JackOatley.

> wiznet

The Lore of Yore

TMCG mod @swiftausterity has recently announced a new MUD-oriented podcast project. In a nutshell, you share your stories, and they will be performed in the style of a classic radio drama. I dunno about you, but I’m personally incredibly excited about it!

ExVenture Updates for May 2018

The last month of ExVenture had a lot of development, from a Mudlet package to fixing bugs in how ExVenture clusters to more NPC customization.

ExVenture Updates for June 2018

The last month of ExVenture was mostly the overworld, which I posted about previously. There were a lot of other smaller tweaks too.

ExVenture Overworld

First up was I wanted to make a nice way to edit the overworld in the browser. This was my first big React app. You can see it in action below:

Mudlet 3.9.0

Seeing as we have some Mudlet maintainers in TMCG, it feels only right to share their version releases! A new Mudlet is here!

> open source


The Ecto branch of Universa, a Multi User Dungeon codebase written in Elixir and designed for extensiblity.


Havic is a multiplayer RPG Game Server in node.js. In other words, it’s a MUD!


ExFigment is an Elixir based system focused on interacting with simulated worlds.

Materiamagica on TinTin

A collection of tintin++ scripts for playing MateriaMagica, everyone’s favorite command-line MUD client.


The command pattern (ish) in Ruby, using a DSL.

> afk


TextSpaced is a Facebook Messenger based text-based game. The sandbox nature of the game leaves you, the player, the freedom to decide at any point what to do next. The narrative of TextSpaced unfolds organically, so you can choose to uncover the mysterious past of Old Earth, affiliate and forge relationships meeting both real and non-player characters - or simply pirate yourself to fame and fortune.

Building EverQuest - The Brad McQuaid Interview

It’s EverQuest Day today at and we have a pair of features that should bring a starry tear of remembrance to our readers’ eyes. In our second feature, we had the pleasure to sit down with Brad McQuaid to talk about the earliest days of EverQuest. It’s an exciting interview that you won’t want to miss. Read on!

Design an artificial agent to play VikingMUD

Can you produce an AI program which manages to play the old Norwegian text-based online game VikingMUD?

Top Snaps in April 2018

While not at all MUD related, this post is worth sharing because it features a screenshot of The MUD Coders Guild Slack! On the official Ubuntu blog! This is way too cool!

> quit

Quitting. Hope to see you again, soon.

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