Issue 0x01 - Hello, World!

Greetings, adventurers!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The MUD Coders Guild newsletter, a monthly digest of text-based game development, successes, failures, inspiration, and anecdotes from the members of The MUD Coders Guild community.

Two years ago, I started The MUD Coders Guild as a way to connect with other software developers and hobbyists who—like myself—have a love for playing and creating Multi-User Dungeons. These online, multiplayer text-based games have a history older than the internet itself, and as a result have inspired countless people to embrace the world of software development.

While I created The MUD Coders Guild as a way to geek out about MUDs with my fellow nerds, it has become so much more. Thanks to its members, I can proudly say that together we have built an intelligent, open, and accepting community; inspired by a niche passion, but powered by our collective love for creativity in software development.

- Zach

> notes

The MMO is the Message

I’ve been “playing” a lot of progress bars lately. The widely disdained mobile social game genre (e.g. Facebook Games) has a strong place in the overall market. There’s a good reason traditionally…

Who Needs a Computer?

Disclaimer: This article is designed to demonstrate the versatility of the Microsoft Azure mobile application in relation to hosting and managing a multi-user dungeon (MUD) on the go. It is an…

Beyond the Ban

When it comes to running a multi-user dungeon, having to enforce rules is the worst. It’s a game, and most people are there to have fun, but from time to time every game encounters cheaters, trolls…

> open source


ExVenture is a MUD written in Elixir by TMCG community member @eric.


ErlMUD is a networked Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) game system. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate various Erlang styles commonly found in the wild by detailing the evolution of this project as it passes through them.


Artemis-odb is a high performance Java-based Entity-Component-System framework. It is mature, actively maintained, and a continuation of the popular Artemis.


Discovered by TMCG community member @craigp, DungeonFS is an objectively awesome FUSE filesystem and dungeon crawling adventure game engine.

> train int

How Svelto.ECS + Svelto.Task Help Writing Data Oriented, Cache Friendly, Multi-Threaded Code

Multi Threaded Data Oriented ECS Framework for Unity 3D. Svelto makes it simple.

> afk

Stick in the MUD Episode Seven: The Lost Episode!

Stick in the MUD is a podcast about, you guessed it, Multi-User Dungeons. Episode Seven, in particular, is about MUD development, and specifically calls out Ranvier—a popular Node.js MUD engine currently in active development by several TMCG community members—as a potential starting point for aspiring MUD developers.

> quit

The clear sky of reality slowly crosses the horizon. With much effort you tear yourself free of the storm, but deep within your heart you know that there is no escaping the storm that rages within…

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